Mastozytose Initiative
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European contact persons and support groups on mastocytosis

Here you can find a list of European contact persons and support groups for mastocytosis.
If you search for further information in the language of your country please have a look on the website of the "EUROPEAN MASTOCYTOSIS SUPPORT NETWORK".

Bild1  Austria
Contact person: Paula Geith
e-mail: familie.geith (AT) wavenet.at
Paula speaks German


Bild3 Belgium
Contact person: Claude Dupont
e-mail: claude-dupont (AT) skynet.be
Claude speaks French, German, English, Italian, Dutch and a little Greek


Bild5 Czechia
Contact person: Katerina Plaskurova
e-mail: plaskurova (AT) yahoo.com
Katerina speaks Czech, Slovak and English

Bild6 Denmark
Contact person: Sabina Moll
e-mail: moll (AT) adr.dk
Sabina speaks Danish, English and German

Bild7 France
Contact person: Nadine Renard-Villermois
email: nrenarvillermois (AT) aol.com
Nadine speaks French and Spanish


Bild9 Israel
Contact person: Bracha Fischel
e-mail: bymdef (AT) 012.net.il
Bracha speaks Hebrew, German and English


Bild11 Italy
Contact person: Paolo
e-mail: paolo (AT) asimas.it
Italian support group (asimas: associazione italiana mastocitosi)

Bild12 Norway
Contact person: Dr. Carl Berg (MD, Anesthesiologist)
e-mail: post (AT) mastocytose.no
Dr. Berg speaks Norwegian and English
He is the co-founder of the Norwegian Mastocytosis Society
(founded 2000)
Norwegian support group

Bild13 Portugal
Contact person: Meike Valk
e-mail: meike (AT) sapo.pt
Meike speaks Portuguese, Dutch, English and German

Bild14 Spain
Contact person: Mercedes Martin
e-mail:  aedm (AT) desinsl.com
Spanish support group (Asociación Española de Enfermos de Mastocitosis (AEDM))

Bild15 Sweden
Contact person: Annica Lundaahl
e-mail: annica (AT) lundaahl.se

Bild16 Slovenia
Contact person: Sanja Damnjanovic
e-mail: sanja_dd (AT) yahoo.com

Bild17  The Netherlands
Contact person: Birgit Fokkinga
e-mail: B.Fokkinga (AT) ru.nl
Birgit talks Dutch and English
She is the contact person for the
Dutch support group

Bild18 United Kingdom
Contact person: Irene Wilson
e-mail: winegums (AT) blueyonder.co.uk
Irene speaks English
She is the founder and leading person of the
UK support group (The UK Mastocytosis Support Group)